Australia has significant unconventional oil and gas potential, with prospective resources identified in a large number of basins around the country. However, policies regarding and attitudes towards unconventional gas development vary greatly across ........

The oil and gas industry is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its operations, but major catastrophes can and do occur. Occupational health and safety experts Professor Andrew Hopkins and Assistant Professor Sarah Maslen have conducted gr ........

More than 14,000 Australian news articles published between 1996-2013 and more than 17,000 news articles from the United States were analysed as part of the study.
By Dr Libby Mitchell and Dr Dan Angus, UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas At the turn of this century, unconventional gas was just another mostly positive resources story running in the Australian business news sections. By 2011, the industry’s media cove ........

Experts from around the world gathered in Sydney to critically analyse the evidence relating to the opportunities and the challenges of unconventional gas developments.
by Peter J. Cook CBE FTSE, and Vaughan Beck ATSE The ATSE International Conference and associated Workshop on Unconventional Gas was held in Sydney in September 2015 and brought together academicians, experts and other participants from nine countrie ........

Australia has an array of different geological basins, most of which have some potential for unconventional oil and gas exploration. As companies move to enhance their understanding of the resources in place, we take a closer look at some of Australi ........

As the Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas project began its first export deliveries in October, it marked the successful completion of all three CSG-LNG mega projects delivering Queensland coal seam gas to Asian markets. With cylinders now firing on all ........

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